Composite Materials

Tetrapak carton

Tetra Pak produces 55,000 tonnes of cartons every year. They are made from polyethylene, aluminium foil and paper fused together. The polythene and aluminium which make up about 33% of the cartons are particularly difficult to recycle. A scheme was set up to provide bring banks for Tetra Paks and other drinks cartons to local authorities in July 2007. By August 2007 more than 150 councils had signed up, and the bring bank scheme now has 323 councils on board. 86% of councils now collect drinks cartons. 11% of UK collection authorities offer residents the option of recycling drinks cartons at the kerbside. Cartons collected in the UK for recycling are sent to a transported to a plant in Orebro, Sweden for reprocessing. following the closure of a recycling plant in Fife. Tetra Pak are looking into alternatives, however it is unlikely that UK paper mills would be able to deal with large quantities of cartons because of the potential contamination.

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Image of Plastic (Re-using and Recycling)
Author: Ruth Thomson
Publisher: Franklin Watts (2006)
Binding: Hardcover, 32 pages