A computer stores data through either optical or magnetic means. Disposal of computer storage devices presents the challenge of removing critical data or making it unreadable. Refurbishment of a computer for example through installation of a new operating system requires partitioning of the hard disk. Mechanical noise from a disk is an indication of there being issues with reliability, or capacity, and disconcerting to the user; although no noise at all a computer can be evem more so, depending on circumstances.

IBM played a key role in the development of magnetic tape storage as well as the computer hard drive. Reading and writing of data is by means of electromagnetism. The basic components of a typical hard disk drive are:

  • Disk platters
  • Logic board
  • Read/write heads
  • Cables and connectors
  • Head actuator mechanism
  • Configuration items (such as jumpers or switches)
  • Spindle motor
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