End of Life Vehicles

In 2002 there were approximately 30 million motor vehicles in use within the UK. Each year, around 2 million new vehicles are registered, with a similar number going to scrap. The End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC) requires member states to achieve specified recycling and recovery targets: 85% of the weight of ELVs scrapped annually from 2006, and 95% from 2015. In order to achieve this objective car manufacturers have increased the ease with which vehicles can be disassembled for recycling.

Average Depollution Content of ELVs
Average weight excluding fuel971.39Kg100.00%
Fuel11.29 Kg1.16%
Tyres31.28 Kg3.22%
Balance Weights0.17 Kg0.02%
Battery12.94 Kg *1.21%
Catalyst4.00 Kg **0.40%
Coolant3.43 Kg0.35%
Screenwash1.60 Kg0.17%
Sub-Total - Water Based Fluids5.03 Kg0.52%
Engine Oil2.86 Kg0.29%
Transmission Oil2.06 Kg0.21%
Suspension Oil0.58 Kg0.06%
Brake Fluid0.37 Kg0.04%
Oil Filter Oil0.14 Kg0.01%
Power Steering0.09 Kg ***0.01%
Sub-Total Oils6.10 Kg0.62%

* where present x 364 ** where fitted x 101 *** 0.40Kg where fitted x 125

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