Group 15 or the Nitrogen Group is a vertical group of elements within the periodic table which includes both metals and non-metals. They also go by the name of Pentels from the group having occupied the fifth position in an earlier version of the periodic table. Phosphorus, arsenic and antimony are noted for their stability in compounds due to their forming double and triple covalent bonds. This is a property which leads to their being potentially toxic. When these chemicals react with various chemicals of the body, they create strong free radicals not easily processed by the liver, where they accumulate. Nitrogen is the most important element in the group and is the principal constituent of air; like

Elementsort icon Atomic numbersort icon Atomic weightsort icon Boiling pointsort icon Densitysort icon Heat fusionsort icon Heat vapoursort icon Melting pointsort icon Specific heat capacitysort icon Thermal conductivitysort icon
Antimony 51 121.75 1653.16° K 6620 kg/m³ 19.85 kJ/mol 195.14 kJ/mol 903.66° K 20.94 J/kg/K 2.6 W/m/K
Arsenic 33 74.99 886.16° K 5720 kg/m³ 27.72 kJ/mol 32.45 kJ/mol 1090.16° K 2.9 W/m/K
Bismuth 83 208.98 1833.16° K 9800 kg/m³ 10.89 kJ/mol 178.81 kJ/mol 544.46° K 8.38 J/kg/K 0.9 W/m/K
Nitrogen 7 14.01 77.36° K 810 kg/m³ 0.36 kJ/mol 2.79 kJ/mol 63.16° K
Phosphorus 15 30.98
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