Hampshire Waste 2003/4
District% recycled   Change on 2002/03  
East Hampshire   36 +11
Isle of Wight 35 +4
New Forest24+1
Havant19 +2
Hart 17 +3
Test Valley14+1

2003/4 Overall performance excluding household waste recycling centres

household waste barchart

Hampshire supplies paper to two of the biggest paper mills in Britain - at Shotton in Cheshire and Aylesford in Kent - with old newspapers, pamphlets and magazines, which they turn into pulp and then into newsprint. The mills require more than 30% of magazines in the mix to produce good quality paper, because they are printed in virgin pulp, and if wood fibre is recycled too many times it makes poor quality paper. They also have lots of chalk in them. This whitens the paper, which would otherwise be yellow.

In Hampshire, machinery, using current induction technology, makes aluminium cans jump off a conveyor belt to separate them from steel cans. Aluminium cans are sent to a factory where they are melted, and then sent to a rolling factory to produce aluminium plate, which then goes back to the can manufacturers. Ferrous metal cans are sent to South Wales where they are de-tinned. The tin is recycled and the remaining metal goes into a furnace where it can be made into almost any mild steel product.

Hampshire – Recycle for Hampshire

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