Carbon Dioxide From Power Generation

Future Scenarios

The future scenarios optionally include biologically-derived (biogenic) carbon dioxide that will be produced and show how energy from waste (EFW) incineration compares with fossil fuel power generation, in terms of the amount of fossil fuel-derived carbon dioxide released per unit of energy produced. The emissions of greenhouse gases when biogenic CO2 is excluded, are likely to be greater for each kWh of electricity generated than those from currently operating average gas-fired power stations though they are likely to be lower than those from currently operating oil-fired and coal-fired generation. Electricity-only incinerators emit 33% more fossil carbon dioxide than gas power stations, but 40% less than a coal power station. In future, the emissions of greenhouse gases per kWh, excluding biogenic CO2, may, in relative terms, worsen as efficiencies of fossil-fuel powered generation increase; and the proportion of non-biogenic carbon in residual waste increases. The future scenarios also include a multiplier depending upon whether heat is counted on the same basis as electricity.

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