Key information
Atomic number: 
Atomic weight: 
7430 kg/m³
Boiling point: 
2423.16° K
Melting point: 
1518.16° K
Heat vapour: 
224.87 kJ/mol
Heat fusion: 
14.66 kJ/mol
Thermal conductivity: 
5.4 W/m/K

Manganese is a grey white metal, which is added to steel, to improve its rolling and forging qualities, strength, toughness, stiffness, wear resistance, hardness, and hardenability. It has a resemblance to iron although the element is non-magnetic. It is used to form highly ferromagnetic alloys.

Manganese dioxide oxidises concentrated hydrochloric acid to produce chlorine

4HCl (hydrochloric acid) + MnO2 (manganese dioxide) -> MnCl2 + Cl2 (chlorine gas) + 2H2O (water)

Electron Shell: 
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