During 2002/3 Surrey County Council and the district councils commissioned an analysis of the household waste generated in Surrey. The analysis examined the materials present in the waste by hand sorting samples of waste from around the area. It also identified materials that could be readily recycled and the amounts of biodegradable waste that would be affected by the Landfill Directive diversion targets. Collected household waste was sampled twice; once in early autumn and once in winter to take account of seasons. Street sweepings were analysed once with samples taken from each local authority. Information on kerbside and bring site recycling was provided by all district authorities for each material. In October 2008, Surrey County Council approved plans by SITA UK to build a 110,000 tonne-a-year capacity incinerator at Capel; a legal challenge from local residents has however put a stop to the proposal. A High Court judge made a ruling in March 2009 that the village should no longer be considered as a site for an incinerator. The ruling said that the inspector appointed to examine the Surrey Waste Plan committed an error in law in assuming it was sound, which impacted upon the Capel site proposal. SITA had been developing the facility in tandem with a 160,000 tonnes capacity energy-from-waste facility at Trumps Farm, north of Woking, which has also attracted a degree of local opposition. However, as a result of the High Court decision, the company has announced that it plans to review its situation.


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